Environmental Management System

  • ISO 14001 (EMS)
  • Certificate : LRQ 10086969
  • Original approval date: 05/10/1999

The mature Environmental Management System has enabled Weltonhurst to reduce its activities negative affect on the environment. This was evident during the latest recertification to ISO 14001.

Environmental Policy

Weltonhurst recognises that environmental management is one of our highest corporate priorities and that we conduct all aspects of our business as responsible stewards of the environment.

We will integrate the principles and practices of conserving our natural resources and reducing pollution as essential elements of our management, corporate culture, and community relations through the use of a documented and maintained Environmental Management System.

Weltonhurst’s environmental commitments;

  • A programme of continual improvement through the setting and reviewing of objectives.
  • Compliance with legal requirements.
  • Resource Conservation and Recycling.
  • Energy Conservation.
  • Pollution Prevention.
  • Environmental Education.