Ethical Policy

Integrity and honesty in all our business dealings is core to the reputation of Weltonhurst Limited and its long-term success. Therefore appropriate ethical behaviour is the responsibility of all Weltonhurst employees and this Policy provides clarity on our expectations in this area.

Business ethics covers a broad range of areas and therefore we set out our expectations under headings which we hope provides further clarity and supports our ability to ensure its delivery across all our business activities.

Our Dealings With Each Other

We are committed to teamwork and providing a positive and satisfying place to work where business and personal goals can be met. To achieve this all employees should contribute to and therefore be able to enjoy a safe working environment free from all forms of discrimination and harassment.

Legal Compliance

We are committed to ensuring that all our activities are conducted in accordance with all relevant international, national and regional laws and regulations. We are accredited to ISO 14001:2015 | ISO 9001:2015 | OHSAS 18001:2007.

Safety and Environmental Responsibility

We will seek to understand the implications of Weltonhurst activities on the environment and the safety of our staff. We will fully comply with all statutory requirements relating to Health & Safety and Environmental protection. Our intent and requirements for Health & Safety and Environmental responsibilities are provided in Weltonhurst Health & Safety and Environmental policies.